Youth Program

Youth program of the Summit

“Leading by example”

The Leading by Example Program is the official youth program of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates. It was launched by the Permanent Secretariat in 2012 in Warsaw aiming to provide educational opportunities for young people to engage them in dialogues about peace and human rights.


Since 2012 the Leading by Example program of the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates has attracted hundreds of brilliant students and young professionals from top universities and organizations from around the globe. 


Among participants of the program in the past years were professors and students from the following Universities: Columbia University, Konstanz University, East Stroudsburg University, Geneva Graduate Institute, Harvard University, Haverford College, Heidelberg University, Occidental College, Princeton University, Quinnipiac University, Soka University of Tokyo, United Nations University, Universidad de los Andes, University of Cape Town, University of Massachusetts, University of Southern California, University of Winchester, and Yale University, among other notable institutions and organizations. 


The Leading by Example program provides youth delegates the unique opportunity to interact with Nobel Peace Laureates, experts, and academicians through a carefully curated curriculum in which they will attend a series of workshops following the morning's plenary sessions.  

The educational platform of the Leading by Example (cross link to the external page consists of dozens of educational workshop opportunities, covering topics related to human rights, environment, abolishing nuclear weapons, ending child labor, resolving civil wars, equality for all, peace through nonviolence, political leadership, among other topics.


Workshops are often led by the Nobel Peace Laureates themselves, providing opportunities for youth delegates to interact with the laureates and members of their teams. Workshops are also led by academicians, non-profit leaders, and in some cases, other youth delegates who have already accomplished much to serve their communities. While there, youth delegates also have the opportunity to network and collaborate with one another which leads to friendships in peace-building for many years following the event.  

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